Trumna (eng. Coffin) was created by Moritur in Poland back in 1998. The project was initially inspired by biography of Karen Greenlee and due to it's legal implications was never considered to be official. The first recording sessions were commissioned at cemeteries, catacombs, chapels and pavements. In 2000 project's activity has been suspended. Trumna's work created between 1999-2000 was buried in the ground until 2002 when Moritur decided to share a bit of his work. On 31.10.2002 first demo tape was released: "Kostniczy szczur, czyli epitafia dla K." and part of it was available on-line. All tapes been buried back again same year...

In 2008 Trumna's music became a soundtrack for "Witajcie w mroku" document about gothic movement in Poland.

In 2017 Moritur has digged out all previously not published tapes and decided to reveal more of Trumna's forgotten noise.

On the 17 of Dec 2017 (38th anniversary of Karen's escape with a hearse and dead body of her lover) 2nd demo "Necro Death Cult" was released on Youtube.

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